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A behind-the-scenes look at the 2014 Grainger Show

Posted on Fri, Feb 28, 2014
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By Mike Rota, Director of Distribution North America

Members of our leadership team recently attended the 2014 Grainger Show, which is said to be “the biggest & best maintenance, repair and operations show in existence”.  Being able to see the innovative products that today’s top industry leaders are creating while also introducing our newest ventilation and motor solutions was extremely advantageous for our team.

Here is a Q&A with our Director of Distribution North America, Mike Rota, who shares his insider perspective on the benefits of our team attending this highly regarded industry event.

Q. Why does ebm-papst participate in the Grainger Show on a yearly basis? What is the goal?
A. By participating in the Grainger Show, ebm-papst Inc. takes advantage of an opportunity to display and discuss new innovative products such as the DV6300.  Our air moving solutions are viable for the many markets that Grainger supports. As a market leader, ebm-papst is committed to working closely with our distributor partners and participating in the Grainger show is consistent with that commitment.

Q. How did our presence at this show benefit Grainger?
A. Our presence at this show benefited Grainger in many ways. I feel that the most important benefit is that it gave Grainger’s sales team and customers a chance to talk to us. We were able to provide them with more information and answer their questions about our products that are in the Grainger catalog and other products that are not.

Q. What kind of networking was gained from being present at the Grainger show?
A. Networking with key people from Grainger that support our products and key people that support competitive products is a very important residual benefit of participating in the Grainger show. Grainger has a good group of people working in our segment of the industry and spending time in an informal atmosphere (away from the office) is very helpful in building relationships.

To learn more about ebm-papst’s products, whether for maintenance & repair, or for brand new designs, please contact an applications engineer today at (860)674-1515 or sales@us.ebmpapst.com.

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Cooling the Cloud, One Data Center at a Time

Posted on Thu, Jan 30, 2014
describe the imageBy Peter Kimmett - Business Development Manager

In my last post, I discussed how we're reducing acoustic levels for equipment that cools today's fast, high-powered computer systems. Today, I'm exploring the other side of the equation: heat reduction.

In our world of growing cloud-based services, users want more online storage, faster video streaming and quicker access to information. In a recent article in The Data Center Journal, Jeff Clark discusses how, as energy prices and demand for cloud services increase, the demand for efficient systems to save data center floor and rack space is also growing.

While higher density data system racks can reduce facility size requirements, their cooling systems also need to accommodate higher heat loads within these smaller areas.

With an increase in rack density – both in power and airflow impedance – the challenge of keeping these systems cool while still remaining within old standards limitations is becoming significant. The dilemma? How to keep one’s data center upgrade costs low while providing the additional cooling that’s essential for higher-power density equipment which can now approach 20+ kilowatts per rack.

In this changing environment, equipment manufacturers must accommodate aging standards while also meeting higher cooling flow needs in denser rack systems. As rack densities increase, air-cooling becomes more expensive and more challenging.

As cloud-based services continue to grow, ebm-papst continues to refine technologies that help maximize cooling capacity of our air movers to meet a wide range of data center requirements. Whether it’s our new line of highly efficient compact RadiCal impellers or high-pressure capable axial fans, such as our new DV6300 series, we are always pushing the improvement curve.

Have you experienced any of the above cooling challenges in your IT/Telecom applications? If so, how did you resolve them? What solutions did you choose moving forward? We welcome your feedback in the comments box below!

About Pete Kimmet

ebm-papst Business Development Manager Peter Kimmett approaches projects in the IT/Telecom market with the same focus and determination he applies to his sports and technology interests. With a B.S.M.E. from Western New England University, he uses his engineering background, detail-oriented mindset and sense of humor to work towards common goals across the company’s disciplines and teams. A tech geek and Apple enthusiast who keeps up on the latest personal and mobile product trends, he enjoys rock climbing, snowboarding, soccer, running and experiencing different cultures through travel.

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DV6300 from ebm-papst is 2013 Product of the Year

Posted on Fri, Mar 29, 2013

The fifteenth "Product of the Year" was presented on March 14, 2013, and ebm-papst achieved first place with the high-performance DV6300 diagonal compact fan.

L950 DV6300 resized 600Readers of Elektronik and elektroniknet.de chose the DV6300 as the 2013 Product of the Year in the category "Electrical Engineering" from among 111 nominated products. The award recognises the most innovative and ground-breaking products in the industry. Peter Metzger, Manager of Business Development and Marketing for ebm-papst St. Georgen GmbH & Co. KG, accepted the distinction at the awards ceremony in Munich: "We are gratified to receive this recognition from the readers of Elektronik. The DV6300 demonstrates how we are setting new standards in state-of-the-art development and production methods."

The winning product from ebm-papst has an electronically controlled S-Force motor with additional options such as temperature regulation, active motor cooling and filter monitoring with signal output for filter change. The diagonal compact fan is ideal for applications with strict requirements regarding air performance with high backpressure, limited installation space and a low operating noise level.


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