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ebm-papst shares latest technology at annual American Society of Gas Engineers!

Posted on Thu, Sep 25, 2014
describe the imageby Tom Costello, Market Manager  Appliance & Heating Gas

This past summer, Tom Costello, Market Manager – Appliance & Heating Gas, was invited to speak at the American Society of Gas Engineers (ASGE) National Conference on the subject of gas-air ratio control technologies for high efficiency gas fired appliances. Tom was one of six speakers presenting on a wide variety of topics that included high altitude testing; comparison of fossil fuels and renewables; portable combustion analyzers; intellectual property and recent changes to patent
law; emerging TomCostello Speakingtechnologies in
residential and commercial products and gas-air ratio control technologies for high efficiency gas fired appliances. Like the topics, the speakers were a diversified group representing consultants, component suppliers, non-profit organizations and litigation specialists involved in the gas industry. The conference serves as a great opportunity for the speakers to share with industry colleagues the latest technologies and information that may assist in the demands of their job. Whether they’re an application, design, facilities or project engineer there was at least one relevant topic for each of the more than 60 engineers in attendance.

Tom presented “gas-air ratio control technologies for high efficiency gas fired appliancesdescribe the imagewhich included both electronic and pneumatic systems developed by ebm-papst and in wide use throughout the gas appliance industry. These systems and their components were originally developed for the European market; rising energy costs have spurred the development of high efficiency gas appliances and these systems are now widely accepted in North America. Today, ebm-papst’s product offering includes induced and forced draft combustion blowers, gas valves, air-fuel mixers and gas ignition controls. A component and system supplier to gas appliance OEMs in many of the industrialized countries around the world, ebm-papst continues to develop new technologies that promote the safe use of gas appliances.

To learn more about ebm-papst’s combustion blowers and systems, visit the heating section of our Market Solution Tool or contact sales@us.ebmpapst.com.


About ASGE
Established in 1954 in Cleveland, Ohio, the Gas Appliance Engineering Society, and later in 1958 renamed to the American Society of Gas Engineers, members met on a regular basis to discuss gas appliance design and safety, and the proper application of new technologies. Today the members continue to promote and educate the necessary information to support gas appliance development into the next century through white papers, technical conferences, and seminars. The American Society of Gas Engineers is also recognized by gas utilities and gas appliance certification agencies who acknowledge the benefits the organization have brought to the industry.

About Tom Costello

If it cooks or chills food, keeps us warm or improves how something’s manufactured, odds are it requires ventilation. During his 27 years in the industry, Tom Costello has supported the evolution of air movement and combustion systems for residential, commercial and industrial food service, heating and process applications. As market manager – appliance heating and gas at ebm-papst for the past 15 years, he’s helped designers, manufacturers and distributors incorporate the latest fan, blower and motor designs into their products. Tom received his B.S. in mechanical engineering technology from Northeastern University. In his free time, he enjoys golfing, scuba diving and home renovation.