Plug Fans

The plug fans of the centrifugal series with GreenTech EC technology, already established in the market, are now even better. All fans above a 500-watt drive output can now be controlled by MODBUS and 0-10V. Also, gaps existing in the product range have been filled and the series has been expanded to greater diameters. The new sizes; 630, 710, 800 and 900, have been equipped with a stable base frame that
enables the entire unit to be decoupled from vibrations in the environment. This makes it possible to achieve additional applications, not just in the heating and ventilation industry.

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K3G 630

The plug fans are principally intended for operation without a scroll housing. All plug fans shown in the catalogue exceed the minimum efficiency requirements of the ErP
Directive for fans, which take effect in 2013 and 2015.

There are now 12 sizes available, with their outer diameters ranging from 250 to 900 mm.
The plug fans are driven by energy-saving EC external rotor motors with drive capacities between 400 W and 6 kW. The welded impellers have 7 backward curved blades that are made of aluminium- this minimizes the bearing load of the motors and maximizes durability with high rotational velocity. The position of the impellers on the EC external-rotor motors have also been optimized in terms of aerodynamics and installation requirements.